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Sometimes you strike gold, and you don’t even know how you found it. This time I actually can trace (most of, anyway) the steps. We start the trip at (180 grams), an ecxellent danish webshop for hiquality vinyls. A place where money disappears, vanishes at the same rate as if you went to Las Vegas. So here i go. Once again entering a territory where i can not afford to go. I decided to browse around their Hip-Hop Collection. Saw a new item to their stock, this one from Cut Chemist called The Litmus Test. Intrigued. In the description they mentioned “Den Sorte Skole”. I jumped on youtube to see who that was. Den Sorte Skole: Lektion #1 – Track 12-Track 13. In the comments J-Walk was mentioned. And so i had to listen to him as well. Curiosity didn’t kill me, but now i definately have some more records to buy.

Link history: / Cut Chemist (Note: site is in Danish)

Den Sorte Skole (Den Sorte Skole / The Black School(literally translated))

J-Walk (J-Walk: Soul Vibration)

Also from J-Walk:

The French Letter

The Wasp : a favourite